Children and family photo sessions in Tenerife

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  • Fun day in Tenerife Photo Session
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  • Children Candid Photography

Children and family photo sessions in Tenerife

One of the things I hear the most from parents when I work with families and children is: “They are growing up so fast”. This is a happy sentiment, but I can also detect a tone of regret that only parents can understand. We all know our little ones with adorable faces and innocent minds surprise us by changing so quickly.

We might not be able to keep them cute and little forever, but we can collect a lifetime of memories by capturing family milestones and making sure those memories will never be lost.

A a photographer, the family and children photo sessions are undoubtedly my most favorite work! They are personal, full of amazing energy and, most of all, packed with fun and laughter. I always aim to capture the genuine personalities and sense of curiosity of my young subjects in both posed or candid shots.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to plan a day out, with everyone on their best behaviour and wearing nice clothes, while visiting a strange location – but let me assure you that you will all have a fantastic time!

And that’s because: I have the perfect touch and trick with little ones, especially the shy ones and I love to smile, have fun and relax. I also leave the kids alone, giving them space to explore and express themselves. This is how I get the most interesting candid photographs.

I also love to find the best locations for a family photo shoot in Tenerife. The island has it all: there is most definitely a perfect location for everyone, for all types of families. There are so many places full of fun, tranquility or adventure that it can be hard to choose.

Remember to tell me where you are located in Tenerife and what type of photo shoot you have in mind and I will find the best spot for you.

Finally, the family photo sessions are all about the people you love the most: your babies and children, your partner or spouse, the nanas and grandads, the extended members of the family, the pets and the kids? most beloved possessions, so why not have fun and make memories which will last forever!

You can choose from different photo sessions packs:

    • Maternity photo sessions or motherhood sessions;
    • Babies and children milestones photo sessions;
    • Large family group photo sessions;
    • Children photo sessions with candid and portrait photographs included;
    • Mummy, daddy and me on our first trip to Tenerife;
    • Play day on the beach in Tenerife;
    • Customized photo shoot for tailored to your family;

The summer break is almost here! So don’t miss the opportunity for a fantastic photo shoot in Tenerife and contact me as soon as possible! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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2 Responses

  1. I love to keep track of my kids as they grow up. We’re coming to Tenerife next month for a family holiday. I’ve messages you with dates. I really hope you are available as we’d like to do a beach shoot close to where we are staying or perhaps you can recommend something?

    • Hi Maddie,

      Thank you for getting in touch. I have received your request and emailed you back with more details. Thanks again. I can’t wait to meet you and your family next month.

      Regards, Ana

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