How to book your marriage proposal photographer – Q&A session

How to book your marriage proposal photographer – Q&A session

To ensure you get the best experience and make wonderful memories, I would like to share with you some of the most common questions I get when booking “secret” marriage proposal photo sessions.

1. Why should I hire a photographer for my marriage proposal?

A marriage proposal deserves to be as documented as any other important events in your life. The beauty of a secret proposal is the element of surprise, there are emotions and expressions on your partner’s face that the two of you will want to cherish forever, revisit the experience time again.

2. It’s my first time in Tenerife. Where is the best place to propose?

I will help guide you in the best location choices across the island. We can discuss what you have in mind and based on that, I suggest many interesting places to be the perfect setting for your moment: on the beach, a tropical garden, in the unusual lunar landscape of Teide National Park, on the ocean… the choice is yours.

3. What is the best time to pop the question?

Once we decide on the location, we can plan for the best time of the day: we can choose a secluded beach and do it under a beautiful fresh morning light, we can plan for a romantic sunset, if you hire a private boat, we could organize it for any moment of the day. It’s all about tailoring your marriage proposal and making it right for you.

4. I know I want to propose, but I am not sure about all the details. Can I ask my photographer to help?

Definitely yes! As a proposal photographer I have been part of many happy moments and I am always so excited about the process. I also love to get involved and understand the couple’s wishes so I don’t miss a thing as everything happens really fast. So, more often than not, I would ask questions and offer suggestions and I would make sure nothing is left to chance.

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5. I am planning a secret proposal, in a candid style. My partner doesn’t know a photographer will be around capturing the moment. How do I make sure I am at the right place and everything is going according to plan?

That was the case with one of my most recent proposals and I loved the candid reactions. Organizing it takes attention to details and that’s where I come in. I arrived at the location before the couple arrived, I checked out the best lighting and messaged the fiance-to-be with the exact spot and how to face each other.

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6. I would like to get more photographs than the proposal moment. Is it advisable?

Definitely yes. In order to maintain the element of surprise, it is recommended to keep it casual and make it look like any other beautiful, “Instagram-able” couples photo session. Let’s get acquainted, enjoy and have fun with some shots and then, at your discret sign or “cue” word, I will be ready to capture the moment.

7. I am afraid the weather might ruin my moment. Should I be concerned?

Truly, it is almost impossible to have your moment ruined by the weather in Tenerife, but if we get any surprise weather changes, we can discuss and rebook for a more suitable day without any problem.


If you have more questions, please email or message and I will gladly answer.

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And, in order to make your moment even more special and because you probably had to wait a year longer to propose, I would like to offer a 15% discount to any proposal sessions I receive before September 1st, 2021. Take advantage now!

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