Life moments – Surprise marriage proposal

marriage proposal tenerife

Life moments – Surprise marriage proposal

I love to be part of the happy events in people’s lives. The raw emotions you can see in the eyes of a newborn’s parents, the pride of a bride’s father walking his beloved daughter down the aisle, the warmth between grandparents and their grandchildren, the love celebrations of a marriage that lasted 50 years, all these reinforce the love in the world and build strong family goals for the rest of us.

“Will you marry me?”

A proposal is one of the best memory in a person’s life, but not all future brides (or grooms for that matter) get to document such an emotional moment. Keeping up with the trend of photographing your proposal will give your memories that last a life time – imagine looking back on the proposal pictures when you’re celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary! And on top of that, you will be the envy of social media. Your love for each other will be recorded from marriage proposal to actual wedding!

Why I am your best proposal photographer in Tenerife

1. I can find the best location for you

And I know why there is no surprise at all that Tenerife is one of the favorite location for a romantic proposal: you can find a gorgeous natural backdrop at every corner: pure nature, unusual volcanic landscape, crystal clear ocean, all made to immortalize your moment in an exotic landscape.

As a resident for the last 12 years, I’ve got the chance to see and photograph the entire island. I can find the best location for you. Let’s discuss your ideas and let me take the pressure of you deciding about a new unfamiliar place for you.

2. I can help you both relax

I have a very easy going personality and have a portfolio of hundreds or even thousands of photo shoots, weddings in very different environments, locations, with children or without, couples and families of different nationalities, and I can put everyone at ease and help you focus on only the most important moments in your life.

3. I have ideas

If you know that you want to propose but have absolutely no clue how to make it a special stand-out moment for your beloved – I can help you plan and have lots of ideas for the perfect proposal. We can discuss and tailor-make the proposal to what you’re looking for.

My latest marriage proposal photo shoot, has these two cute human beings at the centre, both from the UK. He had thought and planned, down to the smallest of details, the way he would like to propose. He booked a luxurious yacht for a sunset on the ocean. But, he was a little worried how suspicious she might get if she saw a photographer on board their private, intimate, sunset yacht. So, I discussed with the groom-to-be before hand how we would get around this point and keep things nice and secret.

For the first part of the trip I played the part of an excursion crew member and she did not suspect a thing. Then when the groom-to-be picked his moment, the sun was setting on the Atlantic horizon I was on hand to capture this one of special moment for them to cherish forever.

Later on that night, I celebrated with these guys and for days afterwards I smiled every time I saw them posting the proposal photographs on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Some tips for a perfect proposal:

1. Keep it simple, and make it stand the test of time;

2. Make it a romantic moment, something she or he will always remember and tell her or his children and grandchildren;

3. Don’t act out of character: relax and enjoy your moment;

4. Be clear by telling me your vision about this proposal: this is a very special moment but it passes in a blink of an eye, so we have to be prepared – it can’t be repeated!

5. Get traditional – getting down on one knee or holding the ring in an unique gesture that you might want to carry out, helps to make the photography stand out.

Let’s discuss your ideas. Get in touch now!

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