How to elevate your visual content for your Instagram

How to elevate your visual content for your Instagram

One important aspect I’ve learned from working with social media influencers is that image is everything: influencers need to look the part, especially if they want to be taken seriously by a brand looking for endorsements of their products.

Passion and creativity are also important.

But social media influencers rely on professional photography to keep their channels populated with engaging imagery. This is even more important now as the rise of photo-specific social media like Instagram are dominated by high-quality photography.

Having worked with a few social media influencers now, I know the most successful ones are passionate about building a robust brand. Whether that is in the field of health and wellbeing, nutrition, sports or coaching, influencers need to maintain high-quality images rolling in their feeds and stories. This way they can keep their followers interested.

Don’t underestimate how much work goes on behind the scenes either. There is a major difference between someone using social media to attract clients, build their brand and act as an ambassador for companies compared with someone who isn’t interested in putting the extra effort in.

A brand influencer

Successful influencers have a strong connection with their audience who usually look up to them and follow them for inspiration and motivation. Influencers are the face of their brands and in order to build relationships with new or existing clients, a portfolio of their brand has to showcase their professionalism.

Do you wonder how big brands select successful influencers and decide who they are going to work with? The answer is a professional portfolio showcasing the talent and ability of the influencer to create Instagramable visual content.

Professional photography will help enormously with finding a way to make storytelling successful. A photographer who understands your concept could come up with novel and innovative ideas, and convey the messages and stories needed to promote a brand properly.

Selfies? Using your phone?

Yes, everyone has a phone with good(ish) camera, filters or photo apps – but this is NOT professional photography. If you want to be taken seriously – and not dismissed as just another Millennial trying to become a social media influencer, then it’s probably a good idea not to overdo the selfies.

Using an excessive amount of selfies could give a very narrow perspective, and can sometimes seem unprofessional and even a little immature.

Lifestyle photographs have to be personal, energetic and relatable. Inspiring content that works could mean the difference between closing big contracts with brands or being like any other amateur Instagram user out there.

Storytelling – Francesca, fitness guru

Check out Francesca’s photo shoot depicting one of her usual workout days. Francesca works hard everyday, she is passionate about fitness, she stays healthy and she loves to travel.

I enjoyed making Francesca stand out in the lifestyle photo shoot. You can sense her dedication and professionalism. I am sure she will find the commercial opportunities she deserves, and build fruitful relationships with many fitness brands out there.

For more details about booking a photo shoot, get in touch! I’d love to help you elevate your visual content for your Instagram, your blogs and other social media presence.

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