How to find the best photographs for your business?

stock photography

Many people hear stock photography and they immediately think of sterile images with an outdated color balance, business people shaking hands, and tedious monochrome illustrations with a white background.

If you are one of those who thinks stock photography has a bad reputation and it should go, let me reassure you that several large stock agencies are selling thousands of photos every day, from photographers around the world, and on an unimaginable array of subjects.

Many businesses out there are looking for high-quality visuals to illustrate their social media, websites and all other kinds of marketing material (both online and in print), but they are not sure where to turn for cost-effective solutions.

This can be a particular challenge for smaller solopreneurs, start-ups and other entrepreneurial types of business which might be keeping a closer eye on their budgets.

So, where do you turn for great photographs for social media, to create relevant blogs, advertisement banners, etc. Especially if you have to post several times per day/week.

  • Ana Iacob Photography in The most Popular Halloween Candy
  • Ana Iacob Photography in The Honest Kitchen
  • Ana Iacob Photography in Spanish agriculture
  • Ana Iacob Photography in Readers Digest
  • Ana Iacob Photography in Michelin Traveljpg
  • Ana Iacob Photography in Fast Company
  • Ana Iacob Photography in Durability Design


Why using stock photography is easy on your business budget.

  1. Time-saving: Stock agencies are a constant inspiration for different trades and services. A simple search will generate plenty of images to choose from and you quickly access your media. Simple;
  2. No need to travel: If you are running a travel agency, for example, and you need to post enticing blogs about different destinations, you don’t have to hire a photographer in every destination. I have a collection of at least 5,000 images of Tenerife and the Canary Islands;
  3. Money-saving: If your marketing strategy requires tens of photographs a day for your social media posts, blogs, designs or promotional campaigns, keeping a small budget for your media material can be demanding;
  4. No photo-shoot necessary: In terms of subject matter, you can find almost anything imaginable. Do you have something particular in mind? I would love to help with customised material. Daily I create visually interesting and compelling images, based on individuals? request or using my general knowledge about the stock photography market;
  5. Benefits of multiple uses: Royalty-free images are extremely cost-effective, and most of the licenses you purchase allow several uses of the same photographs ? that’s a bonus because you can use it time and again for no extra fee.

Who buys stock photography?

  • Solopreneurs: Small business owners lacking the marketing material and extensive access to a database of professional images (in high resolution for the best reproduction);
  • Large companies with a vast online presence, for all their marketing and branding efforts;
  • Publishers, news outlets, bloggers or influencers;
  • The creative tribe: (that’s right!) graphic designers, website designers, digital media specialists. Anyone who is creative knows the benefits of getting high-quality professional images

And, many people who would rather use their time other things rather than stressing about creating their own visual content.

Using authentic photographs is limited only by your imagination. Let’s discuss your ideas. Check out my stock portfolio on your favourite platform for more inspiration!

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