Life moments – Celebrating 50 years together

anniversary photography in Tenerife

One of the most desirable personal life achievements is to dedicate yourself fully to another person and have a successful relationship for half a century! To find and keep that person who truly knows and loves you seems a scenario reserved to fairytales.

Recently I met Carol and Joe after their children bought the gift of a celebratory photo shoot as an anniversary present. Spending the afternoon with them, I could see the “glue” that held this relationship together for so long: the compassionate love and dedication for each other was obvious to me.

They told me that the best day of their lives is not only their wedding day, but every shared day has enriched their relationship and transformed their lives. That’s 50 years of unconditional love and reciprocal dedication, through the good and the inevitable bad.

For me, they seem the epitome of where most of the couples strive to be, and their beautiful photo shoot is a great reminder that vows are important. For them, their moment is a reminder that they are so much better and happier together.

An anniversary photo session is the perfect gift for a long life together and an amazing way to keep the memories alive. If you have a romantic story to tell, or you want to gift the someone special people with a photo shoot, I would be so glad to be part of such an amazing experience.

I will do a great job from the beginning to the end: we will plan it together for the best day in the best location, we can organise a couple’s photo session or a photo shoot in Tenerife for an entire party with family and friends. I’m always available for any questions or suggestions you might have and I will make sure that your anniversary photo shoot goes as smoothly and memorable as possible.

Please take a look at some of Carol and Joe’s photographs from that day and find me for your special anniversary!

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