How to make your Airbnb shine

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How to make your Airbnb shine

If you are renting out your Airbnb property you know how important it is to make it stand out to potential customers from all over the world. So how do you make it more beautiful?

Airbnb itself officially says that high-quality images make the difference between closing a deal and someone moving onto another property.

“This is arguably the MOST important part of any great Airbnb listing. It is the main determining factor of whether your listing will get click through from search result and it is the first (and often the last thing) a guest will look at on your actual listing.” Airbnb Website, expert tips.

You don’t need to be an expert in number crunching to know that the rental units with better photographs will be booked much faster and more often. Your iPhone photographs will simply not do it justice.

It seems easy to just post some pictures with your apartment and facilities, without a VISUAL catch: no proper lighting, no verticals, dungeon-like corners, all the things that will simply make your potential guests scroll past you.

Is your cozy little apartment a romantic set up for honeymooners? Is your two-bedroom suitable for a family with children? Is your place a fantastic zen escape for 24/7 workaholics? These are the key questions I ask my Airbnb clients who hire me to make their property shine.

After we establish what sort of guest you would like to accommodate, I’ll create the necessary atmosphere and emotions so people book it NOW.

I’ll make sure the property photographs will emphasize:

  • The entire area: each room individually, terraces and spaces that your guests will use and enjoy;
  • The neighbourhood and surroundings – I’ll take a couple of wonderful photographs of the unique town or village your place is located, because Tenerife has a lot to offer;
  • The number of photos you will receive – I’ll provide you with a minimum of 24 photographs – that’s double the average submissions on Airbnb;
  • The particular elements that stand out: a nice piece of soft furniture, a beautiful wallpaper, any great details, that give your space that homely feeling, plus any facilities or amenities that you want to give special importance to;
  • An honest representation of the property, as there is nothing more disappointing for your guest to have the wrong impression about the place they are staying in;
  • Ultimately the true value of your amazing property that no other property can offer.

But help me out with:

  • Preparing the property for the shoot, by providing a cleaned, tidy space – remove any distractions, packages, cables and anything that can make the place look messy;
  • If you offer a “Welcome pack” with fruit or water, champagne or juices, etc., please make sure you have them prepared for the photo shoot;
  • Let’s choose the best time for the shoot together – daytime is best with as much natural light as possible.

And that’s it – simple.

For a one-off investment in high-quality photographs you will make the money back very, very easily.

Remember, a property that shines, sells…

Contact me by email or WhatsApp for more information and a quote.

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  1. Hello,
    Looking for someone to take high quality photos of a 3-bedroom apartment. Are you available and how much do you charge please?

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