Vacation photography in Tenerife – fun sessions for families with children

Vacation photography in Tenerife – fun sessions for families with children

If you visit Tenerife for a family vacation, it makes sense to book a photo shoot experience while you are here. Documenting your family and children’s enjoyment and fun on holidays makes for great, genuine lasting memories that you will always cherish.

Having such a vast knowledge of the island, I would like to share the best suggestions for locations, subjects and recommendations when traveling with children.

Families with babies

If you are travelling with babies, possibilities for fun are endless. As a general rule, I always recommend a photo shoot in the morning, or when the baby is rested and active. But parents know their baby best, so I will adjust the session accordingly. Choosing a nice and private location is not too difficult in Tenerife. Making memories with your babies, growing up, revisiting the same destination, sometimes is like travelling in time.

If you want to capture all the wonderful moments in your baby’s first year, make sure you have at least a mini session every three months.

Themes: first birthday, first vacation for the little one by the ocean;

Families with toddlers and young children

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Photo sessions at the beach might seem hard work to keep everybody in check. But they are definitely worth it. There is a mix of freedom, cuteness and messy that simply works. This is the place where a photo session with children transforms into an excellent play day. Lots of beautiful candid photographs are created, great memories, because let’s face it, toddlers and young children will not sit quietly and smile at the camera.

The best sessions with young children are the play days. Lots of beautiful candid photographs will come out of it. A friendly environment, on the beach with a couple of games and props will relax your children, and they will definitely enjoy it.

Themes: playday at the beach or exploring the children’s park;

Families with teens and older children

Portrait photographs with teens has its challenges. It’s that age that some children feel very self aware, awkward or forced into posing for mum and dad.

I personally love to work with this age group: they are young people with their creative ideas, and, more times than not, they would like to have a say in the photo shoot and share with me what they envision for the photo session. I like to include these ideas or suggestions, to give them space and make them feel themselves.

Themes: active portraits, exploring;

Extended family groups with children

Traveling abroad with brothers and sisters and cousins is guaranteed fun. The best family photographs are those where lots of children, showing their own self and personalities, become a cherished memory forever.

You don’t have to even make friends, the closest people to you are right there. Memories with cousins are always warmly remembered.

Themes: unforgettable experience in the sun, friends forever;

candid family photography Tenerife

If you have fun ideas of how to capture your family spirit, from traditional to candid or artistic, get in touch for a vacation photography session and I will be happy to discuss it further with you.

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