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If you are a professional in the field of fitness, yoga or a clean-living/wellbeing lifestyle, you know how challenging it can be to deliver a clear and motivating message to your students. As their mentor and an influencer in life, your own health and image are values that need to be placed at the core of your teachings.

Showcasing your work through photography is an excellent way to share the beauty of this ancient practice. You can create a great portfolio of images and videos for educational and informative purposes, while illustrating the practice of yoga through a photo shoot.

You help your students and, potentially attract more students to your classes and workshops, simply by creating new or improving your marketing materials with tutorials, step-by-step poses, or required techniques.

As a photographer, I get the chance to meet inspiring people and get to know better what motivates and drive them. We live in times when it’s essential to feel and be the best version of ourselves, to keep healthy in order to be able to enjoy our family, our hobbies and to perform the best at work.

And this is how I’ve met Sabina, a yoga instructor based in Switzerland. Besides being an amazing, generous person involved in great projects (introducing children to yoga and meditation), she is also the embodiment of wellbeing and healthy living.

Sabina asked me to create a portfolio of photographs for her business, consisting of several yoga positions, outside in the nature, by the ocean. The idea was to create a body of work for her promotions and upcoming events. She wanted the pictures to show the results of her hard work and passion, be inspiring to her students and show an appreciation to the nature around all of us.

Check out some of the photographs here.

Working with Sabina reminded me what an important practice yoga is, for the body, mind and soul. And how taking and sharing pictures became a very popular part of modern yoga culture.

If you are a yoga teacher, personal trainer, fitness coach and you want to grow your business or simply share your skill with your students or, why not, the world, contact me and I will create a personalized pack to fit your professional and creative scope.

What should you expect from your yoga or lifestyle photo session?

  1. A one hour or two hours shoot in one or several locations – Tenerife has amazing nature, coastal or mountains, but also very interesting sites with an urban feel; we can plan together your favourite locations;
  2. A variety of outfits and accessories that reflect your personality and style – if you wish to change clothes, or maybe you want to promote a particular brand, or include favourite accessories, such as mats, scarfs, or flowers, or maybe you want a more minimalistic approach, just let me know;
  3. A set of various photographs for your projects – from portraiture, to full body, close-ups, best angles for different poses, or if you are planning beginner’s poses or more advanced ones, for catalogues or marketing material – you could provide a pose list or we can work on it together;
  4. A recommended time for the shoot in the morning or early evening for outdoors locations – taking advantage of the best light, will add extra energy to your poses.

If you got inspired and feel that you could benefit from an upgrade of your yoga photographs, I would be honored to be a part of your projects. Give me a shout.


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